December 28, 2020

Simple Way to Distributing a Google Form

By m3d4ns30yoy

To get the form to users, simply hit the “Send” button in the upper-right corner of your form. This takes you to a pop-up menu with your sharing options Situs Nonton Movie Sub Indo.

At the top of this menu is a checkbox to collect the email addresses of any respondents, if you didn’t already select this option in the settings. This is particularly helpful for business users looking to build a mailing list.

There are the three main methods for distributing the form: email, a URL and an embed code. There are also icons for sharing to Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Email allows you to personalize the subject and a brief message and offers the option to include the form in the email. The URL is self-explanatory; the only option there is to shorten it. Finally, the embed HTML code will let you place the form directly in your website, you can customize the pixel width and height of the form.